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Preferred Improvements DC3 FAR .91 Operating STC

Enhance the safety of your DC3 operation

The Preferred Improvements FAR .91 STC will enhance the safety of your DC3 operation. By applying the STC the max payload of your DC3 will be limited to less then 6,000 lbs by the installation of a placard and adding the Flight Manual Supplement to the flight Manual. You will no longer need to add extra ballast to increase your empty weight or operate with light weight axles to keep the airplane .91.

The 5,999 lbs of available payload does not include fuel, crew or equipment necessary for the operation of the flight. With this STC applied the airplane will be operated per FAR .91 rules and regulations.

This STC is valid for any A-618 or A-669 airplanes, both piston and turbine powered.

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Preferred Improvements DC3 FAR .91 Operating STC