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DC-3 Landing Gear Latch STC

Electromechanical Landing Gear Handle Safety Latch and Ground Shift System for Douglas DC-3 Series Aircraft

The Electromechanical Landing Gear Latch Handle Safety Latch (Gear Latch) is a spring loaded, electric solenoid actuated, mechanism preventing inadvertent retraction of the landing gear when the aircraft is on the ground or less than 40 knots indicated.

Operation is automatic and controlled by the included Ground Shift system. When the indicated airspeed exceeds 40±6 knots, the electric solenoid is energized and retracts the Gear Latch allowing the landing gear latch handle to be pulled to allow the landing gear to retract. On the aft side of the Gear Latch enclosure is a manual retract tab to retract the Gear Latch during aircraft maintenance operations requiring the landing gear to be retracted.

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